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Jojo's Story


JoJo's Pretzels was founded in 1989 by Levi and Joanna King, who are still the proud owners today! They created their famous pretzel recipe together, with the help of their Amish roots and their homegrown lifestyle. Following their debut, JoJo's Pretzels has seen many changes. Having once sold pretzels from a little pretzel wagon, to experiencing a catastrophic fire in 2004, JoJo's has truly stood the test of time. Since then, Levi and Joanna shared their love for entrepreneurship, community, and pretzels, with their four children. Today, JoJo's continues to provide the best pretzels and a loving atmosphere to all who enter. We want to thank you for over 30 years of support, kindness, and (of course) pretzels!


Since 1989, JoJo's has served the best pretzels around and we invite you experience what Levi and Jo Jo started as just a simple pretzel stand, to the bustling restaurant it is today in Shipshewana.

"Thank you all for the amazing support and love over these last 30 years."

-The King Family

JoJo's Original Pretzel, Pretzel Dog, and Bites
Levi and Joanna King owners of JoJo's  Pretzels
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